Exercises Page 2

First lines

Use one of these first lines to write a story between

500-1000 words:


“Come in and sit down.”  Andy said as he sat behind his desk.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.”  Jill said as she took a seat.



The spaceship entered the atmosphere, slowly descending to the fields below.



The waves crashed onto the beach, as the two figures walked along the high watermark.



It was the day of the reunion.  Fred was so excited it had been ten years since he had met many of his old school friends.  A few of them he had kept in touch with.



The safe door was wide open, everything inside was gone.  Nothing else in the room had been touched.



Tick, tick, tick…

He lay listening to the clock.  Soon the alarm would go off.  Another night without sleep.



“Okay I said I was coming.  I should be there in five minutes.”  said Sam into the phone.

The car brakes screeched.



Jane unpacked the large cardboard box that she had just purchased at the auction.  It was mainly filled with junk but at the bottom she found a wooden box.  It was covered in crystals and gold inlay.  Carefully she opened the box.  Inside she found...



The cheque had come in the morning post.  It would change everything…



“So how did you break your leg?”  Sam asked.