1500 words maximum.  Yes that’s right One thousand five hundred words.  [Minimum 1000]

You can enter up to three times.

Add your own title.

Subject:          Any.

Objects:          A Lucky Coin, A Notebook, A Jewel Encrusted Knife [All three must be used]

Locations:      Lecture Hall, Log Cabin, Waterfall, Volcano. [All Optional] Or you can use your own.
First line:        It was raining again...



Your first line is:

He closed the shutters...

You have up to 500 words to tell your story.

Any subject, use your own title, you can enter up to three times.


Your story is set in or around a DOLLS HOUSE.  The type of story is up to you.
You only have up to 500 words to tell your story.


Your characters have been entombed in an underground bunker.  You can have as many characters as you like and the story can be set in the past, present or the future.

You only have 500 words to tell your story.

JULY 2010

Continue the story, write up to 500 words.

Once upon a time in a far off land, a book fell off the shelf when no one was near it.  The pages flipped over, stopping at almost the centre of the book.  Those in the room turned to look and stare.

This had happened before and it was not a good sign.

Blundell flung the door open and strode into the room.  Those in his way parted, he stood over the book.  Looking down he rubbed his chin and raise an eyebrow.

“I knew this was going to happen.  I knew HE would come back from the grave.”

“Sir?  What are you talking about, who are you talking about?”  asked young Abby as she stood beside her mentor. [119 words.  Do NOT use these in your word count]


The boat had docked only a few hours before, when Radcliffe walked down the gangplank.  He turned and looked back at the ship.  It towered over him; he smiled to himself as he stepped onto the dock.  His old self would stay on board, he had reinvented himself.  Now he had a new name Madox Kellaway and his past was gone.  A new city in a new country, money in the bank, what could go wrong?

Kellaway entered his apartment, it was already furnished. He liked his new taste, very stylish. He needed to get the clothes to match his new life, then everything would be in place.

Kellaway sat at the bar sipping his drink and watching the world go by.  He like this new life, the bigger the city the more anonymous he could be.  No one would recognize him; he had changed so much in the last month. [151 words.  Do NOT use these in your word count]

June 2010

Pick a picture and write up to 500 word story

          Bowling & Pins       Doll and Ball       Party time Group       Treasure chest

May 2010

Two objects: Awallet and a box.

Location: A museum.

All of these must be used in your work.

April 2010

"I'm losing my mind! Please help me?" said...